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Business Intelligence

The founders of Filius Bonacci speak regularly because every organization needs better business intelligence.

Every organization.

Are they un-biased?


They freely admit that only one of their preferred solutions pops up on Gartner’s surveys. That doesn’t mean they are unaware of those mostly enterprise level solutions. (Let’s face it, Microsoft, who they recommend, plays with both the big guys and smaller firms.)

What they have is hard-earned expertise. They have been integrating Bi solutions for years, crisscrossing the country to deal with governments, manufacturers, health care organizations, non-profits
defense contractors and service businesses.

Call today. Their schedules are booked several months ahead. Call now to determine if they can free up a day for your meeting or conference.

The Business Side of
Business Intelligence

Art FletcherDoes your group want to learn more about the business aspects of business intelligence?

Are you interested in how it is used in your industry?

With installations across the country in manufacturing, healthcare, the service sector, government and non-profits, Art Fletcher at Filius Bonacci can brief you on what is working and how to make it work for you.

Call today to schedule one of his engaging glimpses into what Bi can do for your organization.

The Technology Behind
Business Intelligence

Russ SneadBuilding a superior business intelligence system requires a great architect. Russ Snead, one of the founders of Filius Bonacci thoroughly understands all the technology at the heart of this decision enhancing tool.

He is also responsible for the exclusive capabilities the company applies which cut integration time by weeks.

Call today to hear his views.