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Ronzinante brings a new standard to integration.

RonzinanteRonzinante Replaces traditional SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) methodology.

Ronzinante is a multithreaded service designed with an ever growing list of extensions. It can easily handle the transfer of flat files to database via SQL, OleDb, Odbc. It can just as easily deal with payroll services or web analytics.

Ronzinante has been created to simplify the integration process from source to data warehouse.

Created on top of Microsoft’s .Net platform, it is an installed Windows service that controls scheduled or on-demand jobs, while allowing for the manipulation of objects being incorporated into the warehouse.

Ronzinante uses extensions that pass data to the business user for decisions to insert or update.

Extensions are responsible for connecting to the source, and collecting the data whether it be a database, flat file or, web service. As data is received, it is packaged into batches and sent to the business user who determines whether each record needs to inserted or updated.

Ronzinante has been designed to process data in the order of dimensions then facts.

In data warehousing, there are two types of tables: dimensions and facts. Dimension tables contain data by which facts are sliced and diced. Common dimension data tables are time, account and/or department. Since dimensions relate to facts with standard database relationships, data must exist in the dimension before the dimension can be related to any fact.

Ronzinante provides the ability to transform information from the source value to a new value.

This commonly requested capability is a feature known as Crosswalk. As an example, if Company A has a master chart of accounts and they purchase company B, crosswalks are used for mapping Company B’s chart of accounts into Company A’s.

Crosswalks come in two flavors: table and column. Table crosswalks define a crosswalk table for the entire table, whereas, a column crosswalk is limited to one column. Our experience in financial matters is the reason we allow for both. A company’s chart of accounts can grow to an unmanageable length. Separate crosswalks can be created for each segment, rather than the entire account string, simplifying the task of being able to see relationships clearly and identify key data.

SQL Server Collects information from Microsoft SQL Server
OleDb Collects information from any valid OleDb connection
Odbc Collects information from any valid Odbc connection
Flat File
CSV Comma separated value files
XLS Microsoft Excel files
XML XML structured files
UlitPro Ultimate Software’s UltiPro Payroll services
Web Services
GA Google Analytics web services statistics

Ronzinante is built to handle custom transformations.

Most transformations are handled within the extension source query, however, not all transforms can occur during this phase.

Ronzinante allows for:

  • Merge
  • Combination of columns
  • Default (assigning default column value)
  • Transformation (custom C# script)

Merge allows column values to be merged together. Default places a static value in a column. Transformation is a C# script that allows custom data to be created from external sources, and to combine data from the resulting record. For example when a CSV file is being processed from an external location we use transformation to write quick script which changes the incoming date into the proper format for use within the warehouse (yyyyMMdd).