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Visual Business Intelligence

You will know, before we start, our best estimate of both the time it will take and the cost of the software, installation, integration, report development, and staff training, to upgrade your business intelligence systems.


Every Proposal is tailored to your operation & objectives.


We will meet with you in person, review your requirements and, depending on the complexity, tell you whether we recommend an in depth assessment or believe we can provide you with a proposal that incorporates a thorough understanding of your business intelligence needs. Our proposals always include detailed costs and timelines.


Our extensive knowledge of exception reporting, information dissemination, and design allows our team to suggest methods to add significant value to your business intelligence system as part of your initial agreement at minimum added cost. All of our recommendations will be based on a thorough understanding of your current systems.


Budgeting and Planning can be powerful if you have the ability to quickly build and review scenarios for both up and down side. We can train your teams. Our proprietary technology continues to evolve. We can monitor and maintain your Business Intelligence system so you get the most recent developments and stay ahead of your competitors.