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Business Intelligence Expertise

We begin with the end in mind bridging the gap between your business and technology to swiftly deliver push-button visual business intelligence


Filius Bonacci has clients across the US.

Working with you locally or globally to develop the graphic reporting you need to drive your company’s strategic vision.



Leveraging our technology and experience to swiftly integrate the business data you need to drive your strategic vision.



Building the foundation that allows your business intelligence system to evolve as your business changes over time.


Filius Bonacci

About the name

When our founders, Art Fletcher and Russ Snead, started the company it seemed only fitting to pay homage to one of the earliest providers of a way to refer to business intelligence. They decided to name it for Filius (son of) Bonacci, the Italian mathematician who introduced Arabic numerals to Europeans and recommended their use in commercial bookkeeping.

Take a minute to learn why Nils Rasmussen the CEO of Solver recommends Filius Bonacci to strategic partners and his own team.

What We Do


The combination of a thorough understanding of your business, how you operate and our experience allow us to provide you with a corporate performance solution that will help you take your organization to the next level.


A combination of trade secret processes, data architecture design, the ability to help you in developing a Decision Support Team, and progressive reporting, allows our team to suggest methods to add significant value to your business intelligence system.


Take advantage of our technology evolution by contracting with us to monitor and maintain your Business Intelligence system as your company evolves. Get the most recent developments and stay well ahead of your competitors to include our assistance in Budgeting and Planning.